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BrainThinks is a full-service behavioral economics and customer experience firm focused on helping organizations develop and implement strategies to nudge consumers to make smarter decisions.

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Michael Sherman
Michael Sherman, BA, JD, MBA
President and Founder, BrainThinks

Michael Sherman is one of Canada’s leaders in the practical application of Behavioral Insights to decision-making. He is a business strategist, communications professional and lawyer with experience leading Corporate and Public Affairs at multinational organizations, including TD Securities and one of Canada’s largest retailers. Michael currently works with Canada's largest organizations providing insight into the implications and applications of Behavioral Insights on strategy and decision-making. Michael is a graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law with a BA from York University and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business. Michael has published articles about Behavioral Economics in several major newspapers, including the Globe and Mail.

At Brainthinks, we help organizations use Behavioral Economics principles to nudge, persuade and incentivize consumers to make smarter choices. We offer recommendations on how to overcome roadblocks to decision-making, we work with companies to develop strategies that will encourage customers to make better decisions and help create a measurable impact on ROI.

Our Services
  • Auditing your organization with a BE lens
  • Mapping your customers' journeys
  • Identifying behavioral roadblocks
  • Recommending nudges and other solutions
  • Conducting lab research and testing
  • Communicating your message
  • ​Implementing your strategies
Behavioural Economics

We use Behavioral Economics to take your product and services to the next level.

About BE
Map Your Customer Journey

We use BE to map your customers' journey and conduct a comprehensive service audit.

Nudges and Other Solutions

We recommend nudges and other strategies to encourage customers to make better decisions.

Lab Research and Experimentation

We test nudges to ensure they will create a measurable impact on ROI.